Southern Africa Audiovisual Company


Southern Africa Audiovisual Company, herein shortened as SAAV, is the licensing body established by AIRCO TRUST to administer audiovisual rights of rightsholders (independent music producers and self published artists) in the SADC region for the broadcasting of their music videos cinematograph films) by users (television broadcasters, online streaming channels and public exhibition platforms.


Southern Africa Audiovisual Company (SAAV) offers the following services to copyrights owners:
•ADVOCACY- we have a sophisticated network of users of cinematograph films and great relationship to engage them to use your works;
•LICENSING- upon conclusion of our engagement with users, each is provided with a license to use the cinematograph films (music videos) on their platforms;
•COLLECTION- we service our clients (copyrights owners) through collection of their audiovisual royalties from our licensed users;

•DISTRIBUTION- once royalties are received by ourselves, we do not waste time to distribution them to the copyrights owners in accordance with our distribution policy;
•QUALITY ASSURANCE- we quality assure the music videos before our catalogue for licensing is shared with users of cinematograph films.


The Southern Africa Audiovisual Company has established a Chamber for Rightsholders to serve as an official advisory body on content development, content supply, content licensing, royalty collection and royalty distribution The chamber will consist of rightsholders organisations and individuals from South Africa and SADC region
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